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mardi 4 mars 2014

Apologie de Marx au Pays des Poneys

Postée sur tumblr avec la BD.

I can’t even realize how much time I wasted in this oh my god, another joke taken too far.
And here comes a little explanation, without which this comics is just here to give everybody a new round of let’s make fun of insane bronies, and I think we’re not running out of occasions currently.
I mean, I missed all the hype they are no more “redefining masculinity” or idk what, now they wear fedoras and make porn of a children’s show and are to burn.
I mean there are also neo-nazis bronies, but I think it doesn’t get the same hate as above, lack of publicity I guess.
Anyway, those said bronies found inspiration for their conservative paradise in My Little Pony. I know, it’s quite sad to get it from there, but I think that they got some points that most viewers of the show missed, amybe because of said sadness and desperation in front of life.
Among those points racism. Zecora is really problematic, I mean, it’s heavily implied that she’s african, she incarns quite the racist stereotype and she is from a completely different species. Okay, said crazy bronies explained the racism, but it was only to say “omg racism is awesome we should do it, all hail pony”, and I am scared. Especially when said person concludes :
Episode: 100% Aryan Pride.
It was an episode, explicitely, about “being different is okay, you should not be scared” and it was so badly executed that nazis can make a manifesto out of it.
I think this might be a problem.
We also see in this show (op.cit.) that it is perfectly okay to appropriate another nation’s land as long as you make them addicted to pie. Doesn’t ring a bell at all.
And instead of criticising heavily this shit (after all it’s aimed at a very young audience, apologies of colonialism shouldn’t be okay ?) many people will just go “it’s a kid’s show let it go lol”.

I haven’t seen all episodes, but I can quite say that there is a lot of conservative shit right to the main structure of the society shown. People are destined to a certain “special talent”, revealed by their cutie mark. They literally have a magic system that writes your future job on your ass. Plato’s Republic wouldn’t have done better.
In the tale told in Heart’s Warming Eve (2x11) you can clearly see that the three pony subspecies are - consciously or not - representatives of the three indo-european castes : priests/nobles, warriors, farmers. (pp. 4-5 of the comics above)
  1. Sovereignity : Unicorns are royals, in castle with a crown and all and all
  2. Military : Pegasus are in full armor and organised in military discipline ;
  3. Productivity : Earth Ponies are growing food for everybody.
Unicorns controls the sun (magic) and Pegasus the weather (fly and kick clouds) so they extort food because they are indispensable to the production, although the earth ponies do all the work. This is class warfare, feodalism lvl. In the end the power of friendship makes everybody not be angry (else you be iced by the ghosts of winter) so everything is fine.
Mister Nationalist Pony claims this is awesome because everybody stays in his place, fuck liberty and shit. Marx would say that the farmers are exploited and that friendship/loyalty/generosity, etc. is an ideology that tries and make a deficient sytem work, masking the true nature of classes relationships. (I have my share of critiques of marxism as well I really don’t think this is the absolute truth)
In The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (2x15), Flim&Flam makes Cider at an industrial rate, and thus compete without sweating with Applejack. So Applejack ? fights industralization with unpaid work. The links she has with her friends allowss her to keep the monopole on cider (well not really, they lose the contest and are saved only because industrialization makes awful booze). So feudalism trying to fight capitalism (and winning). Marx would not like it because he thought that capitalism leaded inevitably to a class-free society and that it was a mandatory step in history, so industrialization is bad, but it will piss off the proletariat (thus born) so much they will end capitalism somehow.

Marx was never really crystal clear about the transition.
So there you have the few episodes where I thought throwing Marx in this would be a fun idea ?
I mean, kid’s media is often unvolontary conservative. You can’t show a Parliament in a fairy tale, it takes too much time, it’s complex so you show a king and a guard and you’re done with politics for the day. It doesn’t mean you’re monarchist. And when you’re trying to teach “friendship is kinda good”, I guess it’s hard to throw “Fight Systemic Racism 101” in there.
But hey, this is a different scale, they’re literally giving away role models to white supremacists.
Sorry for shitty english and the like.
And for the comics I guess.

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